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Title: A Bit of Fun 4/4 (Complete)
Fandom: XMFC
Pairing: Charles/Erik, side Hank/Raven
Rating: PG-13 (for kissing, language, some violence)
Length: 2,449 words (this part) / ~8,800 (total)
Prompt: http://1stclass-kink.livejournal.com/7761.html?thread=15005265#t15005265
Summary: Charles is Erik's forever - the man he wants to spend the rest of his life with and can't imagine his future without. So why is he saying that Charles is nothing more that his temporary bit of fun? (Hint: Modern!AU with Mutant!Erik and Human!Charles.)
Previous: A Bit of Fun 1/4 ) A Bit of Fun 2/4 ) A Bit of Fun 3/4 )

Ring. Riiiiing.

Erik wakes, glaring blearily at his phone - even more so when he catches the time. Roosters aren't even up yet. If it is Janos about work...

"What?" he barks into the phone, not bothering to check the caller ID.

"Good morning to you, as well," Charles's voice comes wryly from his cell.

"Charles!" Erik starts, sitting up sharply and swinging his legs to the side of his bed. The blanket bunches around his waist, reminding him uncomfortably of his naked state. He can't talk to Charles naked!

"I can call back later, if that would be better," Charles offers, hesitantly, and something in Erik knows that if Charles hangs up now, Erik may never speak to him again.

"No! I'm sorry. Charles, I didn't mean to snap at you. I'm good. I'm awake. I... I'm naked, so give me a chance to grab some clothes. I - I didn't mean to say that. Ignore that. I'm babbling. Charles, just don't hang up," Erik is bright red and out of breath and he has never been so embarrassed in his life, but he doesn't know what he will do if Charles hangs up.

Charles laughs at him, soft and sweet and completely unconscious.

"I forgot how incoherent you could be before eight," he teases.

"Yeah," Erik agrees, pulling on a pair of sweats and an old t-shirt. "Good morning, Charles."

"Good morning, Erik," Charles plays along, and Erik is almost glad he made a fool out of himself, because at least Charles seems relaxed now. "I've been thinking."

Erik is not sure whether those words are good or bad.

"Yes?" he prompts, when Charles says nothing further.

"I've... I've missed you," Charles tells him softly. "And if... if the feelings Emma showed me are true, you've missed me too?"

"More than words can express, Charles," Erik says honestly. "I've missed you with every breath since you've been gone. Just... give me a chance. I know I was a jerk, an idiot, an asshole..."

"A bastard," Charles chimes in. "Don't forget that one."

Erik closes his eyes and forces a chuckle.

"No, I won't forget that one. My point... my point is that I know I don't deserve another chance, but that I want one more than anything. And if you give me another one, if you take me back, I won't let you down again. I'll make you happy, Charles, I promise. Just - please. Please, give us another try," Erik asks - begs - and his voice is rough with emotion but he forces the words out, because Erik needs to say them and Charles needs to hear them.

"I... we can't go back to how it was," Charles tells him. "I won't go back to how it was."

Erik feels like a hand has punched a hole through his chest just to grab his heart and squeeze.

"But... but maybe we could start again?" Charles says, hesitantly.

Erik feels like he can't breath, and he wonders distantly if maybe he hit his head and this is all a concussion-induced hallucination.

"Start again?" he parrots weakly.

"Slowly. Dating. No... no sex, at first. Is that okay?" Charles asks him softly. "Can you do that?"

"Yes!" Erik blurts. "Yes, I can do that. That is okay. That is more than okay, and far more than I deserve. I... do you want to go to dinner? Lunch? There's... there's a new movie coming out I thought you might like. And..."

Charles laughs again.

"You're babbling again," he says, and Erik can practically see the smile in his voice. "And actually, Raven and Hank are going bowling tomorrow night, along with Sean and Moira. Do you want to come along with me?"


With Raven, who hates his guts. With Hank, who probably does as well just because Raven does. With Sean, who witnessed Erik destroying the most important relationship of his life. And Moira, a woman (a human ) who Erik has mocked (to her face) more than once before.

Also... bowling.

But Charles is asking, and he is going to be there. Probably in one of his cardigans and a pair of slacks. He'll likely frown endearingly down at those hideous bowling shoes every couple of minutes, and pout when his bowling ball doesn't knock all the pins down.

Also, Charles is asking, and there is no way Erik is going to say 'no' to him any time in the near future.

"That sounds... fun," Erik agrees. "I would love to go bowling with you."

May all the mutant gods help him, but he means it.


Charles has officially turned him into a teenage girl.

Erik changes his shirt eight different times, among five different shirts, and he eventually settles on the first shirt he tried on - a dark green button-down that he knows Charles likes. He changes his pants five times, from slacks to khakis to jeans back to slacks and then again to jeans.

Then Erik showers for the second time, because he is sweaty from changing so much and from nerves, and his hair isn't behaving quite the way he wants it to.

He gets out, wrestles his hair into some sort of acceptable style, and puts on his chosen outfit, refusing to change his mind again. When Erik opens his closet, he glares down at his six pairs of shoes. Work boots are out, obviously, as are the sandals and running sneakers. Casual sneakers? Dress shoes?

Charles has turned him into a teenage girl. Erik will have to change into those horrid rented shoes as soon as he arrives at the bowling alley - his shoes don't even matter.

But god, Charles matters. And Erik needs this date to go perfectly, so he can invite Charles to a second one, and a third, and a fourth... He finally decides to just wear the casual sneakers and go, before he is late. Charles texted him the address for the bowling alley earlier, telling Erik he would meet him there.

Erik would prefer to meet Charles at his apartment and have them arrive together, but he knows that he has to respect Charles's boundaries right now. So he looks at himself in the mirror one last time, scowls at his reflection and refuses to get changed again (maybe the slacks would have been better?), and heads out the door to his car.

To go bowling. How is this his life?


The parking lot is fairly full when Erik pulls up, and inside the bowling alley is packed with people. He wonders how long it will take him to find Charles in the crowd.

"Erik!" a familiar voice calls, and he turns to see Raven waving him over. Charles is sitting beside her, trying on a pair of bowling shoes and looking at Erik with wide eyes.

"Erik," Charles greets, fidgeting as if he is not sure whether to stand up and reach forward to shake Erik's hand or hug him hello or kiss him. Erik would really appreciate a kiss, but he knows that it is likely to be a long time in coming.

Erik is likely to be a long time in coming, from anything but his right hand.

"Charles," Erik says back, drinking in the sight of him. Charles is still far too skinny, fragile looking, as if a strong breeze could carry him away.

"Ahem," Raven clears her throat pointedly, raising an eyebrow. She's caught him staring, of course, and does not seem to approve. Erik misses the days when she used to greet him with a smile and hug, whole-heartedly accepting his place in her brother's life.

Erik misses the days when he had a place in her brother's life.

"Raven," Erik nods. "Good to see you. Where are Hank and the others?"

"Sean and Moira couldn't make it. Hank is getting us a lane," Raven replies. "And I wish I could say it is good to see you as well, but I would be fine never seeing you again."

"Raven!" Charles hisses, flushing lightly.

"No, Charles," she says firmly, fixing Erik with a glare. "I will not apologize for telling the truth. He hurt you, and he is going to have to do a lot of begging and groveling before I even think of trusting him with you again. And I'm definitely not going to forget what he said - or how he treated you. There's no reason why he shouldn't know that I have my eye on him and a bunch of non-metal pointy things ready when he screws up."

"I'm not going to screw up again," Erik tells her. "Though I appreciate your honesty."

"We will see," Raven replies with a scoff, then seemingly dismisses herself from the conversation by going up to the counter to tell the employee that the shoes are good and she will take them.

"I..." Charles begins, but Erik cuts him off.

"Don't say you're sorry to me, Charles. She is completely right in how she is treating me. If I had a sibling... If someone treated Emma the way I treated you, I would not be half so forgiving," Erik tells him.

Charles looks at him with searching blue eyes, before giving a short nod and relaxing.

"I like your shirt," he compliments, smiling.

"Oh," Erik says, trying to be casual. "You know me, I just put on the first shirt and pants I could find that didn't clash horribly."

The smile falls from Charles's face, and Erik realizes that he basically just said that he didn't care how he looked for his date with Charles.

When is he going to remove his foot from his mouth?

"That was stupid of me to say," Erik admits. "I actually changed my shirt eight times before settling on this one because I know that you like it on me. I just didn't want to seem desperate by telling you that."

"Congratulations. You failed," Hank tells him, walking over and informing them that they are bowling in lane seven.

"What did Erik fail at?" Raven asks, bring a pair of bowling shoes over in Erik's size. Erik had wondered what was taking her so long, but looking down at the puke green bowling shoes, he knows she was scheming to get him the move unattractive bowling shoes possible.

"Not seeming desperate. He changed his shirt eight times," Hank tells her, a little smirk pulling at his lips.

"Wow, I don't think I ever changed that many times, not even when I was a teenager on picture day," Raven replies, smirking back at Hank.

"Um... bowling?" Charles interrupts, standing and grabbing Erik's elbow to lead him over to the lane. Erik just stares down at where Charles is touching him, wishing he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt so they would be skin-to-skin.

He really is pathetic sometimes. Charles makes him pathetic.

Erik has never bowled before, but he is halfway decent at it, he thinks. Raven is better, and Hank must play professionally, because he is hitting strike after strike and people from the other lanes are beginning to stare.

Charles is horrifyingly awful at it. Erik is contemplating using his powers to pull the gutters up for him, just so he can hit a pin. Charles would probably insist that he put them back down because it wouldn't be fair, so Erik refrains.

"I'm awful," Charles pouts, sitting beside him and watching Hank get another strike. Erik really wants to lean forward and catch that lower lip between his teeth, nibble on it gently before pulling Charles into a deeper kiss.

Somehow, he holds himself back.

"You're not that bad," Erik reassures him. Charles just pouts harder.

The next time he is up, Erik throws his ball into the gutter both times. Charles brightens up a bit, reassuring him that he will do better next time. Erik does not knock down another pin for the rest of the game, and Charles manages to beat him by five points.

It is worth it for the smile on Charles's face, but Raven and Hank just look at him knowingly.

"It's okay, Erik," Charles tells him earnestly, all big blue eyes as he looks up at him. "You did well for your first time! And I'm sure you will only get better. We can come back next week so you can practice."

Now Raven and Hank are smirking at him, but Erik ignores them, agreeing enthusiastically. He would walk across coals for a second date - he will gladly making a fool of himself again bowling next week just to see that smile on Charles's face.

When Raven and Hank go to leave, some games later, Charles hesitantly asks if Erik would mind giving him a ride home. Erik agrees quickly under Raven's quelling glare.

"Thank you," Charles says quietly once they slip into Erik's car.

"No problem," Erik replies. It really isn't - Erik is considering getting lost on the way to Charles's apartment just to spend some more time with him, but he supposes that Charles would probably see through that ruse.

Erik can practically drive to Charles's apartment in his sleep.

"Well, for the ride too, but I was talking about you throwing all the games so I wouldn't feel so bad about my atrocious skills," Charles says with a small smirk.

Erik blushes.

"I... ah... I didn't mean..." he fumbles, starting the car and pulling out so he has an excuse to focus on the road and not meet Charles's eyes.

"I understood and appreciated the effort, Erik," Charles tells him with a smile.

"Oh..." Erik breathes, relieve. "Well... good. That's good. You're very welcome."

"And I don't actually want to go bowling again next week. I just wanted to see how you would react," he says, and Erik can hear the amusement in his voice.

"You... you don't want... you don't want to go out again next week?" Erik asks, heart in his throat.

"I didn't say that. I don't want to go bowling," Charles answers. "I would be perfectly happy going to a museum. There's an absolutely fascinating new exhibit on evolution..."

Erik sighs, fondly exasperated. Charles could never get him to go to museums when they were dating before, but he has to know that Erik can't say 'no' to him right now. He wonders, with some amusement, how much Charles is going to use that to get Erik to 'broaden his horizons' the way he always wanted him to.

Erik is looking forward to it.

A/N: I hope people are still reading this, because there seemed to be a big drop-off in response after chapter 3. Please let me know what you think! I may eventually come back to this 'verse to write a story from Charles's POV - either a prequel or a sequel to this one - but right now I'm caught up in a bunch of other XMFC WIPs. Keep your eyes out!

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