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Title: Throw Away So Many Good Gifts
Fandom: XMFC
Pairing: Charles/Erik, Charles/other
Rating: PG-13
Length: 298 words
Prompt: http://xmen-firstkink.livejournal.com/3278.html?thread=3838670#t3838670
Summary: Charles does what Erik asks. Erik wishes he didn't.

Erik looks up from his book as he hears a loud motor and squealing tires peel into the driveway next door. Through his window, he sees two figures get off a motorcycle and walk to the front porch. One of them is unmistakably Charles.

The sight of him makes Erik's throat close up. It has been four weeks since Emma told him exactly how Charles felt about him. Three weeks since Erik gathered up the nerve to confront Charles about it.

Three weeks since Erik told Charles he needed space. Three weeks since Erik told Charles he only saw Charles as a friend.

Three weeks since Erik told Charles he should move on.

Watching through his window as a burly arm wraps around Charles's waist to pull him closer, as a large hand splays possessively against Charles's lower back and another tilts Charles's chin up, as a ruggedly handsome face dips down to take Charles's plush lips in a passionate kiss - Erik wonders how he could have been so blind.

Because he has missed Charles these past three weeks - like a phantom limb that he cannot quite forget. Someone will say something funny or particularly stupid, and Erik will store it away to recount to Charles later - only to remember that Charles will not be there later to hear it and laugh his bright laugh and smile his carefree smile and twinkle at Erik with those blue, blue eyes.

Charles is everything Erik never knew he wanted. Everything Erik never knew he needed.

And now some unknown stranger is kissing Charles on Charles's front porch, and Erik can only watch helplessly as the man he threw away so casually kisses him back - doing exactly what Erik told him to do and moving on.

A/N: Just an angsty little mini!fic I may eventually expand on. In case you didn't look up the prompt, here's the background: Charles and Erik are neighbors and best friends. Charles keeps his love for Erik hidden, and Erik doesn't think of his sweet, geeky, cardigan-wearing best friend that way. Then Erik finds out about Charles's feelings...
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