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Title: Checkmate Ends the Game
Fandom: XMFC
Pairing: Charles/Erik (established), Charles/Remy LeBeau (past)
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~1,550 words
Prompt: http://1stclass-kink.livejournal.com/8846.html?thread=18360206#t18360206
Summary: A certain Cajun visits the mansion. Erik is not impressed.

Erik admires Charles's profile as he stares down at the chessboard, a little frown tugging at his full lips. Erik wants to reach forward and smooth the wrinkle between Charles's brow with his thumb. Charles gives him a quick, coy smile, before sighing a bit theatrically and finally moving his knight forward.

His fingers pause for a second before leaving the piece, and those beautiful blue eyes open just a bit in surprise.

"Oh..." Charles murmurs softly. "Oh..."

"Charles?" Erik asks, instantly on alert. He stretches his senses to encompass everything metal in the vicinity. There is a new trace of iron, small but there, wrapped around something long and thin on the first floor. Some sort of weapon, perhaps? "Charles, what is it?"

"We...we have a visitor," Charles finally answers. "We should go greet him."

Before they leave the study, Charles pauses.

"Don't... try not to antagonize him," Charles says. "He's come with good intentions, but he can be extremely dangerous if pushed. And - there are some things you should know before you meet him, but there isn't time now. Just know - just know that I'm yours. And nothing will change that."

Erik is instantly wary, and infinitely curious. He is pleased that Charles acknowledges his claim, of course - but there is something almost ominous in those words. But Charles is out the door before Erik can question him, and Erik follows close on his heels, wondering just what kind of man their visitor is - and if Erik will have to dispose of him to keep the others (Charles, especially Charles) safe.


There is an (objectively) very attractive man in Charles's foyer.

Erik hates him on sight.

His sleazy, charming smile, the swagger as he walks towards them (towards Charles ), his long hair, and the playing cards he confidently shuffles between quick hands...

Erik hates him. He doesn't even know his name, and he hates him.

Because this man looks at Charles as if Charles belongs to him.

"Mon cheri!" the man practically purrs, bending in a theatrical bow and reaching forward to pull Charles's hand up to his lips for a kiss. Erik can see the man's tongue, and he wonders if Charles would mind if he squeezed the light body armor the man was wearing - just enough to suffocate him, of course.

Charles flushes, skin turning a delightful shade of red as he pulls his hand away.

"Remy, really. At least have to grace to introduce yourself first. This is Erik Lehnsherr. Erik, this is Remy LeBeau," Charles says with a faint smile. "I met him in New Orleans about a decade ago. He's like us."

"Yes, Charles and I... met a long time ago," Remy confirms with a small smirk. "It was a pleasure, I assure you."

"Remy!" Charles replies, a bit scandalized and a bit flattered. Erik can tell that he is suppressing a smile.

Erik is suppressing his homicidal urges.

"What can Mr. LeBeau do?" Erik asks, managing to control his anger.

The other man smirks, raising an eyebrow at Charles as if prompting him to respond.

"Remy can manipulate kinetic energy," Charles says with a brilliant smile. "It really is such a groovy mutation, Erik!"

"Thank you, mon cheri," the man cuts in with a tilt of his head. "And how about you?"

"I control metal," Erik replies, tone and expression flat. There is a wooden staff leaning against the wall - iron inlaid, obviously what he sensed earlier. Erik summons it into his hand as an example.

"Interesting," Remy comments idly, shuffling the cards in his hands even faster, as Charles blushes scarlet.

"Remy!" two voices chime - Charles's faintly chiding.

Raven is nothing but excited.

"Remy, what are you doing here!" Raven exclaims with a smile, rushing forward to hug the man around the waist.

"Just stopped by to pay your brother a visit, and see your pretty face, darlin'," the man drawls, reaching up to ruffle her hair. She swats him away with a brilliant smile.

"Missed dear Charles, have you?" she asks knowingly. "It has been quite a few months longer than usual since you last visited. Normally you make a booty call every eleven months or so."

Erik goes completely still.

Booty call?

The man's unusual eyes catch his own - smug and knowing. This man... this man knows Charles. Biblically. His insinuations about Charles being a pleasure - that was because this man touched Charles.

"Yes, well..." Charles clears his throat, obviously trying to regain control of the situation. "It is good to see you Remy, but well..."

"My little cherry has gotten himself tangled up in a monogamous relationship," Remy finishes with a smirk. "I can see that. And feel it - I do believe your ball and chain may be angry enough to rip the iron from my blood."

"Cherry?" Erik asks dangerously, wondering if he really could rip the iron from the man's blood if he got angry enough. It is far more likely the man would die of a knife to the heart first, though. Erik has one in his boot, if necessary.

Raven giggles.

"Oh... when Charles turned eighteen, his mother gave his a trip to Paris. But Charles was going to Oxford to study, so he decided there would be plenty of time to visit the Continent. He slipped on down to Louisiana, instead. Poor, innocent little Charles in the Big Easy..." she says with a little smile. "Well... I'm sure you can imagine what he was like."

"I'm sure I can," Erik says flatly. Because he has seen what Charles can be like, with too much drink in him and too many minds surrounding him.

Charles clears his throat, his cheeks faintly flushed with embarrassment.

"Yes, well - if we are done discussing my wild youth…" he trails off, pointedly raising an eyebrow at his sister.

"Hey, it is not my fault you lost your virginity at Mardi Gras," Raven replies, a laugh in her voice.

Charles flushes, clearly mortified - and all the metal in the room begins to rattle ominously. The chandelier, the picture frames, belts and coins and the bo staff still in Erik's hand.

"Ah, I do believe we can finish this discussion later," Remy murmurs, plucking the bo staff from Erik's hand and guiding Raven out of the room with a hand on the small of her back. "I will only be staying for a few days, and then I really must be on my way. Tell me, darlin', how has life been up here in boring, ol' New York?"

"Please calm down," Charles asks him softly, reaching forward to lay a tentative hand on Erik's forearm. "I… Remy and I were never serious. It was just fun."

Erik takes a deep breath, closing his eyes and trying not to let his anger take control.

"He touched you," he breathes out through gritted teeth. "And he came here because he wanted to touch you again."

"But he won't. Because he knows how I feel about you, and how you feel about me - he is a low level empath, in addition to his kinetic abilities," Charles replies. "More importantly, I wouldn't want him to touch me. I love you."

Everything goes perfectly still.

"W-what?" Erik asks, opening his eyes to stare at Charles in disbelief.

Charles looks at him earnestly.

"I love you," he repeats. "I thought you knew?"

Erik had, faintly - but there is a difference between knowing and knowing, a difference between guessing at Charles's feelings for him and hearing them spoken out loud.

"I… me too," Erik says softly, choking the words out. He… he wants to tell Charles how much he loves him, how Erik's every other thought revolves around him, how they have only been together a short time but Erik cannot imagine his life without Charles.

Somehow, all he gets out is 'me too'.

Erik licks his lips and tries to muster up the courage to say it, to tell Charles everything because he knows Charles deserves to hear it, but Charles just takes two steps forward so they are pressed close together, knee to shoulder.

"I know, Erik," he whispers against his lips, before reaching up for a short, sweet kiss. "I know. You can say it when you're ready."

Erik breathes out, resting his forehead against Charles's, just enjoying their closeness.

"I love you," Erik murmurs, and now that the words have passed his lips he wonders why they were so difficult before. "I love you, Charles. So much."

Charles smiles at him, blue eyes shining and happy, before he rubs their noses together playfully.

"Do you want to go finish our chess game, my love?" he asks, and there is something impish in his smile.

Erik has a feeling that playing chess, in this case, is a euphemism for something a whole lot more pleasant. He lets his hand fall to the back of Charles's back and leads him towards the stairs.

He is going to make Charles scream so loudly - physically and mentally - that Remy LeBeau will know that Charles will never 'play chess' with anyone but Erik ever again.
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