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So, I received this anon "review" for "John - The BAMF Omega" on ffnet. I just need a little rant. Under the cut to save space.

truth:I'm going to be completely honest here when I say that your fics
honestly disgust me. You have no respect for canon characteristics in any
fandom you join and instead choose to woobie-fy, uke-fy, and feminize your
chosen male character of the fandom. In result, your fics resemble ones I
would expect out of 13 year-old anime fangirls and I was so, so disapointed to
see you join the Sherlock fandom. One of the largest signs as to how far this
fandom has fallen, really.

Ok, so apparently my joining the Sherlock fandom is a sign of the fandom's decline. Good to know. I feel like Sherlock BBC is one of the strongest, most diverse, and respectful fandoms around. But maybe that's just me being a 13-year-old girl.

Now, I'll admit that I have definitely written woobie!characters and uke!characters in the past - especially when I was in the HP fandom. That was the beginning of my writing fanfic, coming from manga and anime where the idealized males often have "feminine" attributes, and I definitely hope I have improved as a writer since then. I moved from HP fandom to ST, and some of that woobie-ness carried over. But I feel overall that my ST fic is better than my HP fic. I've written over 40 ST fics, of various qualilty. Some I look back on and wonder: "what was I thinking?", and other fics I am very proud of. I've dabbled in a couple other fandoms (Superman, XMFC) and played with various characterizations. I'm still a relatively young writer (21) and I feel like I needed that variety to help me grow as a writer - to figure out what worked for me, and what didn't. Now I'm trying to settle into the Sherlock fandom - one already filled with wonderful, talented, and prolific authors - and I'm trying to find my place.

So I'm especially insulted by this flame for "John The BAMF Omega" because I'm not quite sure where it came from. The whole point of that fic was to show that John is a strong, solid character with agency over his actions, no matter the universe. Unless, of course, the flamer felt I was making Sherlock an "uke". How am I supposed to know? I guess my whole rant pretty much involves the fact that I don't know where this flamer thinks I went wrong.

As for feminizing my characters - well, I suppose that is a manner of opinion. I've written fem!characters - particularly fem!Kirk and now fem!John. I like to explore how gender affects character dynamics, but I still try to retain their key characterization - and I'm not going to apologize for that.

As for omegaverse - well, I feel like it is an interesting trope that's broad enough to allow for things such as heat, mpreg, etc. For some it may not be their cup of tea - and that's fine. To quote John: "It's all fine." I clearly mark my fics, and warn for such things as omegaverse. If you don't like it, do me a favor and please don't read it. Or at least don't leave insulting anonymous reviews on my fics, which I work very hard on. I'm good with dealing with constructive criticism: if you think my characters are too "woobie", point out specifically what you think I did wrong so I can analyze my characterization from another point of view and improve for next time.

*takes a deep breath*

Well, that wasn't exactly a short rant. Sorry, it's just I've been trying hard to get my John and Sherlock voices just right, and flames always bother me. Again, constructive criticism is great. I love it. Flames - I try not to be sensitive, but they are just so discouraging.


Thanks to anyone who bothered to read all this ridiculousness.
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