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Title: Chocolate, Spice, and Everything Nice
Author: [info]putigress2012
Beta: [info]juliench1
Series: STxi
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~11,500
Warnings:  none
Summary: For [info]ksadvent. Kirk is secretly in love with his first officer. Spock is secretly intoxicated by chocolate. Add in an away mission, a day in the snow, and a hot brown beverage (hint: it isn’t coffee). 

Chocolate, Spice, and Everything Nice 1/4 )
Chocolate, Spice, and Everything Nice 2/4 )
Chocolate, Spice, and Everything Nice 3/4 )

Chocolate, Spice, and Everything Nice 4/4 )
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Title: The Learning Curve (Complete)
Author: putigress2012
Universe/Series: Reboot
Rating:  Adult (NC-17)
Relationship status: First time
Word count: ~15.5 K
Genre: Humor, Romance
Tropes: jealousy, shore leave
Warnings: none
Additional Pairings: none
Summary: Shore leave on Risa - and somehow Kirk managed to get himself into a relationship with his undeniably sexy and surprisingly sweet first officer.  But for some inexplicable reason no one else saw Spock’s sweetness…

A/N: This is a sequel to [info]kyliselle ’s fic Wingman (link here: http://kyliselle.livejournal.com/11172.html  ). Many thanks to kyliselle for letting me use it as the background for this fic. I would also like to thank [info]juliench1 for betaing – I couldn't have done it without her. ^^

The Learning Curve 1/3 )
The Learning Curve 2/3 )
The Learning Curve 3/3 )

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Title: Believing Rumors
Author: [info]putigress2012
Adult (NC-17)
Relationship status:
First time
Word count:~19.9K
Warnings: In part 4, there are allusions to child abuse and molestation.
Jamie Kirk is 28, Starfleet’s youngest captain, in love with her first officer – and a virgin. But the grapevine buzzes with stories of her promiscuity, and Spock chooses to believe the rumors – until a planet that equates virginity with childhood shows him just how wrong he is.
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, and I do not make any money from these fictions.

Believing Rumors 1/4 )
Believing Rumors 2/4 )
Believing Rumors 3/4 )
Believing Rumors 4/4 )


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Title: Vulcan Catnip


Fandom: Reboot

Pairing: Kirk/Spock (first time)

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: spanking

Length: ~24.5K

Summary: Jim’s mind is most dynamic – and as the Vulcan debate team finds out, it is most pleasurable to meld with him. Too bad for them, Spock is not anywhere near willing to share (Jim is his, even if the human does not know it yet).

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, and I do not make money from these fictions.

Vulcan Catnip 1/4 )
Vulcan Catnip 2/4 )
Vulcan Catnip 3/4 )

Vulcan Catnip 4/4 )


Claiming ) - Jim is flirting again, so Spock takes the opportunity to re-stake his claim. Short PWP.

A/N: I am contemplating prequels/sequels/sidestories for this fic, so I am going to use this masterpost as a template. That way I can just copy/paste and add an lj cut for new parts. ^^


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