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So, I received this anon "review" for "John - The BAMF Omega" on ffnet. I just need a little rant. Under the cut to save space.

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Nov. 30th, 2010 12:21 am
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My dear flist,

I've had AIM forever (or so it seems), but I never really got around to using it. Does anyone want to exchange usernames to chat about fic? I'm finding that it actually helps motivate me to write more...

Which is good, because I have quite a few things in the works right now. In order of priority: My ks_advent fic is nearly done (I hope) and will definitely be posted by my assigned day (December 9th, btw). Also, ens_sarik has so graciously agreed to co-author the evil!Sarek Harlequin fic with me, so we have been working on outlining that fic and where it will be going. I'm also working on an extended version of 'Kisses' (adding both plot *and* pr0n).

Anyway, back to the AIM - my username is the same - putigress2012. You can comment on this entry or send me a PM with your username if you want to chat. I'm not shy - I will add you to my buddy list. ^^

Thanks for reading my babbles...

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Okay flist - I would appreciate any comments/suggestions you may have concerning some recent questions of mine...

First: I've been going through my lj and ffnet accounts, reading my old fics and deciding which ones to update to the K/S Archive. I would eventually like to get all my K/S fics posted there, but... well, I'm really not happy with some of them. I don't want to delete them from lj or ffnet because I hate when a story I like disappears, and just because I'm not happy with the fic doesn't mean there aren't still a few people that like it... what do you think?

Second: There are some fics that I like, but that as I re-read them I think I could edit and significantly improve them. But again, I'm not really sure about how my readers would take that. My primary concerns are With Tears and Kisses, both of which have partially finished edits on my hard drive. They are longer and better and just... do you think I should completely delete the old versions, or just update the new versions with an A/N about them being better edits of old fic? I think that's what I'm going to do for lj (I don't really mind keeping old things on here), but with ffnet I think they have a rule against the same fic being posted twice...

Third (and last): I have so many fics that I want to continue/write sequels to, but I keep getting distracted by new prompts and ideas... I currently have two WIPs on the kink meme, one which I have hit a dead end on and one that I'm semi-happy with but know needs a lot of editing. I also signed up to write a fic for the K/S Advent Calendar. Does anyone on my flist want to volunteer beta services to kick my ass and start getting things done? I would really appreciate it. ^^

Thanks for reading (if you did). Again, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.


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